Sunday, October 28, 2007

Calendar Strikes Again

I previously reported that I had been moved from strictly relieving to an opening position in the offices, but I have recently sent back to the bullpen. They brought in a new prospect that is supposed to have good stuff. I must admit, while in this field, I did have some trouble reading all of the signs; and she, apparently, can read them all regardless of the language in which they have been written. Knowing my role on this team, I knew that it was a matter of time; so I was not shaken by this decision. However, the bush league commentary that once again began to fly was unnecessary. I took offense to the previous assertion a few weeks ago that I, being an athlete, was incapable of washing dishes or mowing the lawn much less performing the duties of an administrative assistant. I had all but retired my lingering, sentiments when again they began to play hardball--yet another "humorous" anecdote that I would have to say I do not find to be so. Honestly, I thought we were all professionals.


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Megan said...

If you want to play then you have to focus without forgetting left field while you're running for home base. Sure, you need to keep your eye on the ball, but that doesn't mean letting everything else slide by. Sometimes the amateurs get caught in the big league, landing a hit with the pros. But if you swing at every ball that's pitched your way you'll strike out before you can say cracker-jack. :)
ps- you done good as a stand in. on-the-ball, derek. That's what I should've called you.